Through a critical constructionist epistemology I employ qualitative methods to explore success, access, and equity in higher education for those who are racially marginalized and minoritized.  More specifically, my research exists in two connected areas of inquiry.  In the first area, I study the mentoring and socialization that occurs in higher education within formal mentoring programs between faculty and students of color.  Related to socialization, and the dominant focus of my second area of inquiry, I explore the educational and identity experiences of underrepresented populations in the academy including Black faculty and staff, women from the African diaspora, and Students of Color. 


Through intersectional and socialization theoretical frameworks and qualitative analytical methods (i.e., interpretive phenomenological analysis, content analysis, and grounded theory) I ask overarching questions related to how institutions advance equity and support minoritized students, faculty, and staff in the academy. 

Current Research Projects

Experiences of Graduate Students of Color

Through the work of the Action Research Collective, the research team continues to analyze data from graduate Students of Color at Clemson University using photovoice methodology.

Black Faculty & Staff Belonging

Currently in the data analysis process, this research explores the experiences of black faculty and staff post an incident of race-centered, student-led activism at a predominantly white institution (PWI) and influence on perceptions of belonging. 

Black Womxn's Natural Hair in the Academy

Since 2013 I have researched this topic through interviews with black womxn college students about their experiences going and being natural (embracing their curly-kinky-coily-afro-textured hair at a PWI and how their experiences influence their developing identities. 

Selected Publications



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